Nutritional Supplements


Nutritional Supplements

Be Healthy by Choice, not Chance

Lifestyle Chiropractic is a provider of high-quality essential supplements that the body requires to work properly. Given the right nutrition, your body has an amazing ability to be well. Dr. Sandee takes the approach of recommending only the supplements that are essential to our body that we can’t get anywhere else. They are intended to compliment a healthy diet. Dr. Sandee and her staff and families all use the Omega products in order to boost their immune system and stay healthy.

Omega Plus D Sufficiency

The perfect synergistic combination of omega-3, vitamin D3, and vitamin A creating the perfect supplement for recovery, wellness, prevention, and performance.

Vita Sufficiency

100% Naturally Occurring Certified Organic Multivitamin -Mineral.

  • 100% certified organic plant-sourced active ingredients
  • 100% synthetic-free
  • Set the Standard for Multivitamin-Mineral Supplements
  • Yeast-free, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Corn-free

Probiotic Sufficiency

100% Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Wheat Free Probiotic

For healthy intestinal and immune systems.

Wellness Lifestyle

90 Day Innate Lifestyle Plan

In addition to our supplements, our 90 Day Innate Lifestyle Plan will provide you with the tools you need to eat, move, and think well. Our custom applied educational lifestyle is optimized to promote disease prevention, recovery, and wellness, and offers ongoing support via one-on-one coaching and online instruction.

Wellness Chiropractic Care for All Ages to Achieve Optimum Health!



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